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As an owner of a successful business, Moses has a passion for sharing
his knowledge and wisdom with the world. Through his videos, he aspires
to help people find success in both their personal and professional lives.
Check out Moses’ videos to learn more.

Vlog Playlist

Episode 1 - The Introduction

(Vertical Video)

Episode 2 - Motivation and Renovation

Episode 3 - Family Time

Episode 4 - Visiting The Job Site

Episode 5 - The Market of Flips

Episode 6 - Training Day

Episode 7 - Driving Chats

Episode 8 - Confidence: You Can Change EVERYTHING!

Episode 9 - Nothing Comes Easy

Episode 10 - Design and Build

Episode 12 - Value In The True Professional

Episode 13 - Family First

Episode 14 - Nothing But The Best

Episode 15: Mindset Matters

Take Action - Tips For Success

Motivation - Tips For Success

Expectations - Tips For Success

Talents - Tips For Success

Motivation (Hebrew) - Tips For Success

Conversations - Tips For Sucess

Leadership - Tips For Sucess

Goal Setting - Tips For Success

Contradictions - Tips For Success

What does success mean to you?

What motivates you?

My Story

Finding Your Niche

Sense of Accomplishment

Something For Nothing

Business Advice For Starting A Business

Purpose: The Meaning of Life


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